AEUF seeks new men's coach

AEUF seeks new men's coach

The Spanish flooball association seeks a new men's coach

The different national teams are the biggest showcase that the association has to make itself known. Given the importance of this area of ​​the association, work is being done on several projects with other European countries to improve the quantity and quality of the events in which the different teams participate in order to improve the level and qualify for the phase final of the World Cup that gives us greater visibility at the media and political level.

Over the years the men's team has been ranked among the 20 best in the world, on several occasions staying at the gates of achieving the goal of playing in a World Cup.

To achieve this objective, the Spanish unihockey floorball association opens the period for submitting projects to direct the Spanish men's team in the next cycle.

A work team is sought to take charge of the team from December 2022 to December 2024.

When evaluating the different projects, the following will be taken into account:

Experience as a player and/or as a floorball coach at a national and international level

· Experience as a coach at a national and international level (not necessarily within floorball)

· Training and experience of team members in the different roles to be developed.

· Willingness of team members to participate in clinics inside and outside our country.

The work team must present their project detailing their work proposal, objectives and expectations to with a copy to before December 10, 2022.