24 de junio de 2018
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Todos los partidos del Mundial en televisión - Guía TV
jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016
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Todos los partidos del Mundial en televisión - Guía TV


En total, 29 encuentros serán retransmitidos por tv en este mundial. El mundial al completo se podrá seguir en todo el mundo a través IFF Youtube Channels and on The World Games Channel.


Datos de TV.


Latvia = LTV7,  9 games live.

Finland = YLE, All matches live except FIN-EST, which is shown in YLE Arena with a short delay. 7-8matches depending if Finland plays in the Final or not.

Czech Republic = CTV, 14 matches live.

Sweden = TV4, 6 matches, All Swedish matches on TV12, apart from the semi-final on TV4 main channel.

Switzerland = SRF, Group matches on and the Swiss playoff games on TV24 all live, more games and highlights with SRF are discussed.

Germany = MDR/, All German games live on the and then high-lights on TV stations. 6 games planned, including the final.

Norway = TV2, All Norwegian games and all Swedish games live. 12 planned games.

Estonia = ERR, One planned game: Estonian 1st round play-off game.

Slovakia = TV RTVS, All Slovak games up to quarter-final final. 6 planned games.

China = CCTV5, Both semi-finals and final.

Olympic channel = OC, 13 games broadcasted with English commentary.

Thailand will stream Thai matches

TV matches:

Saturday, 3.12.2016  Arena Riga 

11:00  Estonia - Switzerland SRF

13:45   Germany - Finland  YLE, MDR/

16:45   Czech Republic - Norway  CTV, TV2

19:30   Latvia - Sweden  LTV7, TV4, TV2

Sunday, 4.12.2016  Arena Riga 

12:30   Poland - Slovakia TV RTVS

15:15   Finland - Switzerland YLE, CTV, SRF

18:15   Latvia - Czech Republic LTV7, CTV,

Sunday, 4.12.2016  Olympic Sports Centre Elektrum

12:30   Germany - Estonia MDR/

Monday, 5.12.2016   Arena Riga  

13:00   Australia - Slovakia  TV RTVS

15:45   Finland - Estonia  YLE, OC

19:30   Sweden - Norway  CTV, TV4, TV2

Tuesday, 6.12.2016   Arena Riga  

11:15   Slovakia - Denmark TV RTVS

13:45   Switzerland - Germany SRF, MDR/

16:30   Sweden - Czech Republic CTV, TV4, TV2, OC

19:30   Norway - Latvia LTV7, CTV, TV2, OC

Wednesday, 7.12.2016   Arena Riga  

10:00   4th Group A - 1st Group D  PO3  CTV, MDR/, OC

13:00   3rd Group A - 2nd Group D  PO1  ERR, OC

16:00   3rd Group B - 2nd Group C  PO2  TV2, TV RTVS

19:30 (a)  4th Group B - 1st Group C  PO4  LTV7

Thursday, 8.12.2016   Arena Riga  

13:00   Loser PO1 - Loser PO4  9-12:2  OC

16:00   2nd Group B - Winner PO1 Q4  CTV, OC

19:00 (b)   1st Group B - Winner PO3 Q2  TV4, MDR/, TV2

Friday, 9.12.2016   Arena Riga  

16:10  2nd Group A - Winner PO2  Q3  CTV, SRF, TV2, TV RTVS, OC

19:00 (c)  1st Group A - Winner PO4  Q1  LTV7, YLE, CTV, OC

Saturday, 10.12.2016   Arena Riga  

12:45   Winner Q2 - Winner Q3  Semi 1  YLE, CTV, TV4, SRF, TV2, CCTV5, OC

16:30   Winner Q1 - Winner Q4  Semi 2  YLE, CTV, TV2, CCTV5, OC

19:30 (d)  Loser Q2 - Loser Q3  5-8:2  LTV7

Sunday, 11.12. 2016  Arena Riga  

12:00 (e)   Winner 5-8:1 - Winner 5-8:2  5th  LTV7

14:45   Loser Semi 1 - Loser Semi 2  3rd  YLE, CTV, TV2, OC

17:40   Winner Semi 1 - Winner Semi 2  Final  LTV7, YLE, CTV, TV4, SRF (if SUI plays), MDR/, TV2, TV RTVS, CCTV5, OC

(a) If qualified Latvia shall play their PO match Wednesday 19:30

(b) If qualified Sweden shall play their quarter-final Thursday at 19:00

(c) If qualified Finland shall play their quarter-final Friday at 19:00

(d) If Latvia play for 5th-8th their match shall be played at 19:30

(e) If Latvia play for 5th or 7th place their match shall be played at 12:00


Negociaciones abiertas con Singapur, Hong Kong, Macao, Rusia, Taipei, Lituania, Dinamarca y Polonia.